Tips for Using a Bathroom Scale the Right Way

Tips for Using a Bathroom Scale

Most people do not give their bathroom scale much thought.  You step on, and you step off.  However, it is a sensitive instrument designed to measure slight changes in your body; even if you do not notice them. There are many variables both inside and outside of your body, which can affect their accuracy. Fluctuations …

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Weight Loss: Be Proactive with Portion Control

                Too often, we are reactive to our bathroom scales. We see the number creeping up and up, and eventually we decide that enough is enough.  It may remind you of the boiling frog metaphor…  If you throw a frog in boiling water, it will immediately jump out.  …

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Body Fat Percentage vs. BMI. What’s the Difference?

Which is better to measure? Some experts would argue that your body fat percentage is more telling you more about your overall health because BMI values can be misleading.  They argue that BMI measurements don’t take into account whether you’re heavy because of excessive fat or because of an increased muscle mass which obviously can …

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