Tips for Using a Bathroom Scale the Right Way

Tips for Using a Bathroom Scale

Most people do not give their bathroom scale much thought.  You step on, and you step off.  However, it is a sensitive instrument designed to measure slight changes in your body; even if you do not notice them. There are many variables both inside and outside of your body, which can affect their accuracy. Fluctuations …

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Using the Tare Feature on Digital Kitchen Scales

Tare feature explained.

When using a digital scale it is common to want to use your own plate or bowl to hold the things you are weighing.  The only issue with that is the extra weight that will be measured because of your plate or bowl.  What can you do?  The Solution All Escali digital kitchen scales come …

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How to Brew Beer in Your Home

There is arguably no greater sense of fulfillment attainable in life, than the one derived from enjoying the fruits of one’s own labor.  And when the fruits of your labor happen to be five gallons of high-quality, handcrafted, delicious MICRO-BREW BEER…well, let’s just say, victory has never tasted so sweet. For anyone who enjoys to …

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Gougères Recipe & Guide

This post was prepared by Chef Mary Evans. I lead food and wine tours to France every September ( along with my business partner Hallie Harron, and gougères are always a hit when we make them with our groups.  These little, cheesy puffs—a savory, mini version of cream puffs—perfectly complement the Côtes du Rhône wine …

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