Weight Scale Accessories

Scale accessories help ensure your scales are functioning at their best. Just like all our measuring equipment, our weight scale accessories are carefully constructed with durable materials and designed to function smoothly. Whether you’re looking for calibration weights to ensure accurate readings, an AC power adapter to keep your scale running, or a tare foot pedal for easy and sanitary use, we have the scale accessories you need. Browse all our weight scale accessories below.

  1. Calibration Weights

    Calibration Weights
  2. AC Power Adapter

    AC Power Adapter
  3. Primo Stainless Steel Platform Cover

    Primo Stainless Steel Platform Cover
  4. R-Series Tare Foot Pedal

    R-Series Tare Foot Pedal
  5. Alimento Stainless Steel Platform

    Alimento Stainless Steel Platform

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