Arti Bamboo Kitchen Scale


15 lb (7,000 g)

0.1 oz (1 g)

oz, lb:oz, g, fl oz, ml

Two CR2032 (included)

9 x 6.5 x 0.75 in

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Natural & Eco-Friendly Bamboo
The Escali Arti Digital Scale is capable of weighing both liquid and dry ingredients up to an astounding 15 pounds with 0.1 ounce or 1 gram increments. It features an easy to read oversized display that sits between the user friendly touch sensitive controls which are integrated into the natural bamboo weighing surface.

Natural Bamboo Surface
The platform of the scale is made from all natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly bamboo.

Touch Sensitive Controls
The touch sensitive controls result in a smooth weighing surface which is easy to keep clean.

Liquid Measuring
The scale is capable of measuring both liquid (fl oz, ml) and dry ingredients (g, oz, lb + oz.)

Display Hold
Hold weight measurements on screen when weighing large items, even after they are removed from the scale.

Tare Feature
Reset the scale to zero weight to measure multiple items or subtract the weight of a container.

Automatic Shut-off
The scale will turn off after three minutes of inactivity to help conserve and extend battery life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I store my scale on its side?
A: Yes, but ensure that the scale is not tightly squeezed in between objects that will apply pressure to the feet where the load cell is located.

Q: What kind of battery does the scale require?
A: The scale uses two CR2032 batteries, which can be found at your major retail stores.

Q: What does 0-Ld mean?
A: “0-Ld” indicates an overload. Immediately remove the item from the scale to prevent damage.

Q: How do you remove the batteries from the scale?
A: Please visit the following support link on how to remove the batteries from your scale,