30 Reasons to Go Running

By Escali in Healthy Living

Awww, fall is right around the corner. Finally, we can head outdoors without sweating every last drop of water we drank within the first five minutes. Taking your exercise routine out of the confines of the gym and outside amongst nature and all it’s glory can be very refreshing and restorative.

Here are 30 reasons to love running (even if it is a love/hate relationship) compiled by Shape Magazine:

  1. It’s empowering
  2. It teaches us to live in the moment
  3. It’s predictable
  4. The supportive community
  5. It’s not about how much you weigh
  6. It’s a universal language
  7. It makes you grateful
  8. It has the power to heal
  9. It reminds you to breath
  10. It connects  you with amazing people
  11. Anyone can be a ‘runner’
  12. It’s a gift
  13. I only compete against myself
  14. It just feels good
  15. It uncovers your potential
  16. It’s free and convenient
  17. It’s the gift that keeps on giving
  18. It’s art in motion
  19. It loves you no matter what
  20. It’s cheap therapy
  21. It makes you better at your job
  22. It teaches patience
  23. It makes hard decisions easier
  24. It gets you out in nature
  25. It’s so simple
  26. It’s an adventure
  27. The runner’s high
  28. It’s an escape
  29. It’s all the little things
  30. It’s often for a good cause

The air is crisp, you’re alive & life is good.

Whether or not you run with a buddy or alone & even if you think you’re too slow…you’re still lapping everyone on the couch–GET OUT THERE!

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