Alton Brown uses an Escali kitchen scale.

Alton Brown uses an Escali scale.

In a recent Twitter post, celebrity chef Alton Brown announced that he uses an Escali Arti digital scale in his home kitchen.  Brown is currently the host of Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen and has a been featured on past TV shows such as Good Eats, Iron Chef America, The Next Iron Chef, Feasting on Asphalt as well as being a contributing podcaster with  He is a culinary master and a long time supporter of using a digital scale in the kitchen.

Why does Alton Brown think it’s important to use a digital scale?

“If you have any intention of becoming a cook, sooner or later you’re going to have to own and operate your very own scale…” – Alton Brown

According to Alton’s Kitchen Tools: Scales video, many common cooking ingredients are difficult to measure accurately by volume.

Items such as flour, blueberries and nuts are full of tiny air pockets that can drastically affect the actual amount of the item being packing into a measuring cup.

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