A Guide to Fermenting Vegetables at Home

A Guide to Fermenting Vegetables

Fermenting vegetables can be a healthy way to improve your diet. We’ll show you why healthcare professionals think fermented foods and probiotics are beneficial to your health. Then we’ll explain two popular techniques for fermenting vegetables and the science behind the process. Registered Dietitian Robin Foroutan points out in Food & Nutrition Magazine that there is a …

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Father’s Day Gift Guide: 14 Ideas Sure to Impress

Escali's Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 18th! Do you need a gift idea?  Check out our Father’s Day Gift Guide for 14 great suggestions on what to get your real-life hero. Father’s Day is the ‘Day of the Dad;’ a chance to celebrate your real-life hero. The man who taught you how to ride a bike and …

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Escali Memorial Day Weekend Contest

Escali Memorial Day Contest

Submit your best photo of your Escali scale, thermometer or timer in use this Memorial Day Weekend to win any Escali consumer product of your choice! What you Win Pick any Escali product. It could be a bath scale, kitchen scale, kitchen thermometer or timer. How to Enter To enter into the contest, post your best …

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A Guide to Internal Cooking Temperature for Meat

Escali's Guide to Internal Cooking Temperatures for Meat

Escali’s guide to doneness and minimum safe internal cooking temperature for whole beef, ground beef, chicken, turkey, pork, fish, lamb and veal.   Taste Preferences vs. Safety Recommendations It is important to know internal cooking temperatures when preparing meat because they will help you ensure your food is safe to eat and cooked deliciously with the …

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Simplify Blender Recipes with a Kitchen Scale


Did you receive a blender as a gift this holiday season? Do you already have a blender and you’re looking for more excuses to use it?  Use a kitchen scale to simplify blender recipes and discover more uses for your blender. Great news! Your blender is good for making more than milkshakes on warm summer days and post-workout protein …

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Accurate Measurements for Better Baked Goods

Better Baked Goods Require Accurate Measurements

Measuring ingredients accurately is a critical step in the baking process. Adding too much flour to a cake recipe can leave it dry and crumby.  Unfortunately, it is much too easy to make this mistake and not even realize it when using a traditional measuring cup. Use a digital scale for more accurate measurements that are also easier to …

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Holiday Recipes Roundup: 84 Recipes from Drinks to Desserts

Escali's Holiday Recipe Roundup

Plan the perfect holiday gathering with 84+ recipes for everything from appetizers and drinks to casseroles and cookies. The key to a successful holiday gathering is family. Getting everyone together, reminiscing on years past and gossiping about the year ahead is what makes the holidays great. Though family should be the focus, food is usually the main …

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Thanksgiving Pie Roundup: 64 Recipes from the Top 8 Pies

Escali Thanksgiving pie roundup

We list the top 8 Thanksgiving Day pies and give you 64 mouth watering recipes. You will not believe which pie is number one! Every year, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday of November. It’s a chance to recognize the things in life that we often take for granted. A chance to give thanks for …

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How to Measure Flour for Better Results Baking

Flour and whisk in a glass mixing bowl

  Do you feel like you struggle when baking? Sometimes your chocolate chip cookies are a hit, and sometimes they end up in the garbage. Maybe your sponge cake is always dry and crumbles. If you suffer from inconsistent results, or worse, consistently bad results then you might not be measuring ingredients properly. It is …

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Filling a Hole in the Market

Escali M-Series Digital Scales are unique because they have a relatively high capacity when compared to the size of their smallest increment. Consequently, they are perfect for large batch food preparation and happen to have almost no direct competition. Typically, a scale’s maximum capacity is tied directly to its minimum increment size, or graduation.  The …

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