Aluminum or Stainless Steel Coffee Pot: Which is the Best?

Do you want an aluminum or stainless steel coffee pot that effortlessly makes a rich, strong cup of coffee without breaking the bank? A moka pot is perfect for you! And this time, you can believe the hype. No matter the material, moka pots are known for producing an incredibly flavorful cup o’ joe with minimal effort …

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Scale vs Balance: The Difference Between a Scale and a Balance

Scales and balances are both weighing machines. However, the difference between scales and balances is that a weighing scale measures weight relevant to the force of gravity while a balance is used to compare the mass of two different objects. Although they are utilized for similar purposes, understanding how they produce results reveals the differences …

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Digital vs Analog Scales: How Do They Weigh Up? (11 Differences)

Choosing between a digital scale vs. an analog scale can be a difficult decision. Scales are used to measure the weight of an object, person, or animal. We’re here to help you decide on the best scale for your needs. Mechanical and digital scales are also known as mass scales, weight scales, and weight balances. Today we’ll look at the different …

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How to Weigh Packages at Home 3 Easy Ways with Home Scales

how to weigh a package at home

Weighing packages and calculating postage by weight can be easy and accurate with a household scale. Learn how to weigh a package at home and how to calculate postage for faster, easier, and contact-free shipping. Weighing mail at home is a simple and convenient way to save you a trip to the post office. You …

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Weighing Scale Battery Sizes: Which Type Do You Need?

weighing scale battery sizes

In order to determine what size battery for a digital scale is the right fit, you’ll need to know the two most common scale battery types. The battery for a weight scale will either be a coin-type cell or a small cylindrical battery, making it easy to identify. What Size Battery for a Digital Scale? …

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Is My Scale Broken? 4 Signs Your Scale is Broken

signs of a broken scale

Display problems and inaccurate readings can be clear signs that your scale is broken. The top reasons why your digital scale is not working right, and a few tips on how to fix a broken scale. Is My Scale Broken?  Whether you’re weighing packages, ingredients, or yourself, you need to know how to tell if …

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How to Weigh a Baby at Home 3 Easy Ways

how to weigh a baby at home

Weighing a baby at home can be easy and accurate with your kitchen scale, bathroom scale, or luggage scale. Each technique requires a little know-how, so here’s how to weigh a baby at home on any scale and what to look out for. Weighing your baby is about more than tracking the milestones, it’s essential …

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20 Sustainable Kitchen Products for an Eco-Friendly Home

Having a more eco-friendly home starts with sustainable kitchen products. From plastic bags to disposable cups and towels, our kitchens can create a ton of waste. Use this list of eco-friendly kitchen accessories to inspire your home’s journey towards sustainability. The motto  “reduce, reuse, and recycle” is taught to us at an early age, but …

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Types of Weighing Scales (and What They’re Used For) 

While nearly all of us have measured an object’s weight at some point, not everyone is likely to be familiar with all the types of weighing scales and what they’re used for. While we depend on these machines when measuring baking ingredients, buying fruit, and reaching our fitness goals their utility reaches beyond the kitchen and bathroom. …

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How Much Coffee Per Cup? How to Measure and Brew the Perfect Pot 

how to measure and brew coffee

When you want to brew the perfect pot of coffee, it isn’t easy to know how much coffee per cup you should use. Great coffee requires a particular coffee grounds to water ratio. Here is our complete guide on how to take the correct coffee measurements every time. How Many Cups to Brew? How Much …

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