B200 Sleek Glass Bath Scale

By Escali in Healthy Living

bath scaleThe Escali B200 Sleek Glass Bath Scale is an upgraded version of the previous B180 Series bath scales.  Quality, style and functionality are the driving forces behind its design.

Key benefits of the B200 include the large, easy to read display; its smooth glass surface that wipes clean with ease; and a large 440 lb. capacity, which makes it ideal for customers of all shapes and sizes. The B200 comes in 6 beautiful colors: Retro Red, Peacock Blue, Black, Silver, Cinnamon and Sage Green!

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Selling Tips

  1. The B200 Series is an upgrade to the popular Escali B180 Series Bath Scales, so remind the customer that the scale has been dramatically improved without a change in price.
  2. Upgraded features include an increased capacity, Instant-on Technology, an ultra slim profile of less than an inch, and a much larger display.
  3. New & attractive product images are available. Update your online product images and sales copy (product descriptions, features list, etc.)  Please contact us for updated images and product information, check your www.box.com account or visit the B200 product page.


  • Extra high capacity (440 lbs)
  • Tempered glass platform, available in wide variety of colors
  • Large digital display
  • Instant-on technology
  • Automatic shut off feature
  • Batteries included


  • Capacity: 440 lbs (200 kg.)
  • Graduation: 0.2 lb (0.1 kg.)
  • Units: pounds, kilograms, stones (UK)
  • Dimensions: 12.63” x 12.63” x 0.83” (32. 1cm x 32.1 cm x 2.1 cm)
  • Battery: Lithium CR 2032

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