Body Fat Percentage vs. BMI. What’s the Difference?

By Escali in Healthy Living


Which is better to measure?

Some experts would argue that your body fat percentage is more telling you more about your overall health because BMI values can be misleading.  They argue that BMI measurements don’t take into account whether you’re heavy because of excessive fat or because of an increased muscle mass which obviously can mean a lot when it comes to health and physique.

Body Fat Percentage

  • This is the proportion of your total body weight which is fatty tissue.  There are varying ways of calculating body fat percentage: digital bathroom scales, hydrostatic measuring (the water tank method), or try this online calculator.


  • BMI stands for Body Mass Index. Your BMI is a numeric value (12-42, 18-24 being the healthy range) that categorizes your body composition based on your weight, relative to your height.  You can figure out your BMI by having that information but to make sure that it’s accurate, you have to have to right values.  Click here for a basic BMI calculator and reference chart provided by the CDC.

There’s no need to run off to the doctor or nutritionist to find out your body fat percentage and BMI…Escali scale have specific body scales that can measure your body fat. Check out our body fat measuring bathroom scales here.

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