Celebrity Chef Tested–Celebrity Chef Approved!

Alton Brown uses an Escali scale.


Escali scales are endorsed not only by faithful customers who have used them for years in their kitchens but also by world-famous professional chefs. Alton Brown, host of Food Network shows:  Good EatsIron Chef AmericaFeasting on Asphalt, Feasting on Waves, Next Iron Chef, Food Network Star and Cutthroat Kitchen, a New York Times best selling author, recipient of the James Beard Award and a frequent contributor to Bon Appétit and Men’s Journal magazines… is a fan of Escali!


“If you have any intention of becoming a cook, sooner or later you’re going to have to own and operate your very own scale. The trick is to make sure the scale in question is easy to operate, easy to read, fast, accurate and precise.  It must have a tare function which allows you to zero out the weight of a container or other ingredients (handy for building batters and such) and it must be able to quickly move between metric and avoirdupois–a fancy word for pounds and ounces. For my money, the Arti by Escali fits the bill perfectly. It’s also stylish, easy to clean and flat as a pancake for easy storage.”

-Alton Brown


The Escali Arti Kitchen Scale truly is “The New Standard” for your kitchen. Capable of not only measuring liquid but dry ingredients as well, this scale’s features are extensive and impressive, considering it’s compact and sleek design.

Scale Arti_Lifestyle1

*Stylish. *Easy to clean. *Easy storage. *Accurate. *Easy to read. *Precise. *Tare Feature. *Fits the bill. *Metric and avoirdupois (pounds & ounces)

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