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By Escali in Back of House
Portion control for quality and cost controls.

Almost every chain restaurant has procedures in place regarding portion control in order to make sure ingredients are being measured and the correct amount of product is going out every time. Without having clear and concise expectations, restaurants are bound to lose a great deal of money.

For example, say an employee at a chain restaurant is preparing a sandwich that calls for 3 ounces of meat. Because there is a rather large line beginning to form, instead of taking the time to weigh out the specific amount of meat the recipe calls for, he estimates the amount based off past knowledge to keep the line moving. Instead of the correct 3 ounces, he is off by 1 ounce, or 1/16 lb. It may not seem like that big of a deal, but even being off by 1/16 lb, can create a huge dent in the yearly revenue.

MathIf the meat costs $5 a pound and the employee preparing the food is off by 1/16 lb per sandwich, the business will lose $0.31 per sandwich. If the business makes 30 sandwiches a day, are open 6 days of the week for 52 weeks, by the end of the year, the business will have lost $2901.60 just because the employee didn’t carefully measure their ingredients and ignored the portion control procedures. Say the scenario was different and another employee was only off by 1/8 ounce. The business will still stand to lose $362.70 by the end of the year.

Not only is portion control important for revenue, it is important for quality control as well. If a customer comes in and orders an item off the menu and thoroughly enjoys it, chances are, the next time they come in they will expect the same quality in taste. If the customer experiences a variation from the product they had before, they will not be happy and may not come back.

Digital scales are a must for all restaurants and food preparation businesses. Because there is an extra cost to purchasing the food prepared, it is important that every bit of measurement is concise and accurate because without portion control, the yearly profits will suffer.

Portion Control Scales (NSF Certified) Recommendations:

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