COVID-19 Impacts on Escali

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By Anthony Howard, Chief Operating Officer

From the outset of the pandemic our team at Escali has taken COVID-19 very seriously.  And thanks to our wonderful staff we have been able to remain safe and open for business.  As an essential business serving the food service community and thousands more at home, we have adjusted our operations continuously throughout the past year.

Worker Safety – Our staff is the lifeline of our business and keeping them safe is a top priority.  Immediately we implemented a work from home model for any roles that could accommodate such a change.  In the office where our fulfillment operations are required to be on site, we’ve expanded our office to allow people to better social distance, removed common touch points by keeping doors open or installing toe pulls, and followed guidance from our state limiting people in and out of our building.  Our sanitizer stations, mask requirements and daily temperature checks remain in place until cleared by local and federal officials.

Supply Chain Impacts – The stress COVID-19 has placed on the world’s supply chain is immense.  A strength of Escali comes from the way we plan our inventory and work with our suppliers.  We have remained a leader in our industry with inventory availability and on-time delivery rates throughout the pandemic.  None of this would be possible if we weren’t already being proactive and diligent in the early stages.  Currently we see logistics and freight service providers pressured with limited staff in place to support the overwhelming volume of goods moving.  While we continue to track and monitor these channels, we are making longer range forecasts to ensure products are produced and available when customers require them.  We will continue to lead the industry with high fill rates and quick delivery promises.

Looking Ahead – While we are unable to know for sure when business may return to a more normal state, we are confident in a few things.  First, our employees will continue to be provided a safe environment for which to work in.  Post pandemic working conditions will bring together a hybrid of all of the great things we have discovered over the past year.  Second, our business is vital to so many people in our community and no pandemic, big or small, will cause us to lose sight of what is really important – quality products.  We have further elevated our efforts to continue to design the best products in the market and look forward to expanding our selection to meet consumer demand head on.  And third, we have been learning many new skills over the past year and we are very excited to showcase them to you with new and exciting ways to interact with us.  Be sure to stay connected with us to stay ahead of the curve on what Escali is doing in and around our community.

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