Escali Granda Receiving Scale

By Escali in Back of House
Escali Granda in use.

The Escali Granda digital scale is a high performance shipping and receiving scale with a wired remote display for easy reading.  The Granda is the perfect digital scale solution for receiving food deliveries and verifying  shipments. In fact, Escali relies on the Granda digital scale for everything that ships out of it’s own warehouse!

Why Customers Prefer the Granda:

  • Very durable and easy to use.
  • One of the most economical receiving scales available.
  • It can function as both a portable solution with the included batteries or plug into the wall as a permanent solution with the included A/C power adapter.
  • Multifunction design adapts easily to many uses.

Learn more about the Granda here.

Escali Granda Receiving Digital Scale

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