Escali SmartConnect Integrates with UP by Jawbone™

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Escali SmartConnect integrates with UP by Jawbone
UP by Jawbone Meal Details Close-up
SmartConnect data shown in the UP by Jawbone™ app.

Escali SmartConnect™ users may now send meal log and body weight measurements to their UP by Jawbone™ user profiles.  This announcement makes the Escali SmartConnect Kitchen Scale the first kitchen scale to connect with the popular Jawbone application.

UP by Jawbone is a wristband and app system that helps you learn things about yourself and your lifestyle that you never knew.  It helps you understand how you sleep, move, eat and feel, and how those activities affect one another.

The SmartConnect Kitchen Scale will improve the accuracy of nutrition information stored in the UP application by calculating nutrition information from actual weight measurements instead of relying on the user to correctly estimate a portion size. “Rather than guessing if the banana you had for breakfast was small, medium or large; you’ll now know exactly how much banana you’ve consumed by weight,” asserts Theo Prins, President of Escali. “This will give you the most accurate idea of how many calories or carbs you’ve consumed.”

The Escali SmartConnect integration will also automatically send body weight measurements gathered by the SmartConnect Body Scale to the UP app for trend comparison and analysis.

For Escali the integration with the UP app indicates another step in the growth of the Internet of Things market. “We are excited about becoming a part of a larger ecosystem of the quantified self,” says Prins. “Escali’s SmartConnect products are designed to give users easy access to information about their diet and body to help them make healthy decisions. Part of that equation is letting users share their data with their favorite applications.” Prins goes on to add, “We’re not looking to be the next MyFitnessPal or compete with Apple’s recently announced HealthKit. Rather, we’d like Escali SmartConnect to compliment those applications.”

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The UP integration is currently available to iOS users with the latest Escali SmartConnect update (2.3). Meanwhile, the UP integration for Android is currently in the works. Jawbone®, UP®, and UP® BY JAWBONE™ are trademarks owned by AliphCom dba Jawbone. Escali® and SmartConnect™ are registered trademarks owned by Escali Corp.

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