Filling a Hole in the Market

By Escali in Back of House

Escali M-Series Digital Scales are unique because they have a relatively high capacity when compared to the size of their smallest increment. Consequently, they are perfect for large batch food preparation and happen to have almost no direct competition.

Typically, a scale’s maximum capacity is tied directly to its minimum increment size, or graduation.  The higher the capacity of the scale, the larger the graduation will be.

For example, the Escali Pico Scale features a capacity of 5,000 grams and a graduation of 1 gram, whereas the Escali Pico High Precision variant features a 0.1 gram graduation but it is limited to a maximum capacity of 500 grams.

Now, there are some digital scales capable of reaching a relatively higher capacity when compared to their graduation, but they usually cost a lot more and are geared towards research applications.

When developing the M-Series, Escali was able to design an affordable scale with a relatively high 66 pound capacity and low 0.2 ounce graduation. This puts the M-Series in a niche with almost no competition and perfectly suited for large batch food preparation.

Most digital scales with a graduation small enough to be useful for food prep have a maximum capacity between two and 25 pounds. So, if a food service professional needed to mix and measure a quantity larger than that, then they are forced to break their batch into multiple smaller portions, which is less efficient.

Additionally, the M-Series benefits from a large 10.25″ by 8.25″ platform, which makes it easy to place large cookie sheets, trays or bowls on the scale without obscuring either of the scale’s two displays. One display is located in the front next to the control panel and a second on the rear, which allows more flexibility and value when setting up a workstation.

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Escali M-Series Digital Scale
The control panel and displays are sealed for water resistant protection.

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