Get Better Results Baking Now!

By Escali in Homemade

It can be extremely frustrating to put so much time and effort into a recipe, only then to have it turn out less than desired… There are so many different things that could potentially go wrong! However, by being aware of all those potential mishaps, you can  learn from others’ mistakes and avoid ending up on one of those ‘Baking Epic Fails’  lists on the web.

Here are 5 simple tips to keep in mind during  your next adventure in the kitchen:


1. Check your oven’s ‘true’ temperature

Use an oven thermometer. All ovens are a little different so if your recipe calls for an oven temperature of 425 degrees, yet the oven thermometer is reading something hotter at that setting, turn it down (about 25 degrees).

2. Do not measure inaccurately

Read the recipe very carefully. The reason it specifies the amount given, is because the original chef that compiled the recipe, determined the given amount was the best possible for desired results.

Some bakers go off the fly and let instincts guide the amount of ingredients they add, however, that doesn’t work for everyone and if you want a great outcome, it’s best to stick to the book.

*Flour: Everyone measures a cup of flour differently.  Some people tend to pack it in tighter than others or aren’t as careful about ensuring a full and level cut across the top of the measuring cup.  Little variations in your recipe may seem harmless, but in the world of baking, they can be disastrous.

3. When making batter, don’t over/under beat it

One of the most common mistakes is over beating one’s batter versus carefully stirring and folding it. The final consistency of your food could be completely different than originally intended.
With that being said, do not under beat it either. Finding the ‘perfect medium’ might take some trial and error, but that’s what perfecting a skill is all about!

4. Don’t open the oven too much while baking


This one take a lot of patience! It’s so tempting to take a few sneak peeks at your cakes, cupcakes, etc. because you just can’t wait to eat your delectable treats…however, doing this too much could compromise your final product.

Be patient, don’t be too overzealous and if you NEED to keep a watchful eye on whatever you’re baking, think about possibly investing in an oven that has a back light and easy-view display!

5. Don’t make too many substitutions

Substituting ingredients due to an allergy or irritant is always the best route to go, but when too many ingredients are compromised, the recipe will not turn out the way that it’s ‘supposed to.’ It’s important to understand that taste isn’t the only variable in a recipe, chemistry is also involved.   Understand the need for each ingredient. If you are able to move forward without it, that’s great, but make sure to add the appropriate (similar chemical breakdown) ingredient in it’s place.

Fortunately, the Escali Pana Baker’s Scale is designed to help you, the baker, with precise measurements for professional results every time! The Pana is a unique product that combines the accuracy of a digital scale with the convenience of cups and tablespoons.

Not only will the Pana improve your measuring accuracy, it will also cut down on your clean-up by eliminating the need for most measuring utensils. The scale’s ‘tare’ feature will allow you to mix multiple ingredients in one bowl, while still measuring them individually as if they were alone.


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