Home Brew Competitions Grow at State Fairs

By Escali in Homemade

Over the past few years, home brew beer competitions have skyrocketed in popularity. In its 18th annual competition, the Ohio State fair brought in 544 entries which is twice as many as five years ago. In its first ten years, entries averaged just about 130 people. According to an article from the Columbus Dispatch, Brett Chance, a fair official said, “This hobby just continues to grow.”

What attracts so many to this competition isn’t the medals or gift certificates for the first place finishers, it’s more about bragging-rights. Being able to brew the best tasting beer is what it’s all about. The article also quotes Ohio home brewer, Jeff Berry as saying, “There’s a never-ending battle for who’s the better brewer.”

Most fairs have multiple categories which are also called flights that include similar types of beer such as dark lager, American Ale, light lager and stout. The Ohio state fair had just eight categories in 1996 and has grown into twenty-six today.

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