How Smart Phones Have Revolutionized Weight Loss: What’s Next?

By Escali in Healthy Living

With the advent of smartphones and the bevvy of apps allowing one to have a personal coach and cheerleader, all in the palm of your hand, losing weight has never been ‘easier.’ With the ability to log the food you eat, track the calories you’ve burned and the distance you’ve gone, users can track almost every factor that would play into their weight loss journey.

Not only can users log all the steps they’re taking towards a more proactive than reactive lifestyle, they can share all of their progress with their friends. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare (all available in app form for smartphones) allow users to share their location with their followers. Users can share the locations they end at after a grueling bike ride, or an endurance run and show just how hard they worked and what hard work will do. Sharing photos are also a huge motivation tool as well. Taking ‘before’ photos may seem like something you would never want to do…ever…(let alone share with hundreds or thousands of people) but, when you post a comparison ‘before & after’ photo, the words of encouragement and praise will only fuel you to continue in your journey!

Fitness and healthy lifestyle apps not only help people eat better, but it creates responsibility and accountability. The decisions you make and take responsibility for when logging, allows you to take a better look at your thought process and rationale behind eating certain foods.   When you’re held to a higher standard and actively trying to reach a goal (that you are reminded of because it’s right there on your phone) your overall workout becomes that much more efficient and in-turn, will help you be more successful. By harnessing all that are available in the form of  apps (most of which are FREE!) not only will our outlook on our health change, but so will our future.

One of the best things about these apps, are the fact that they are constantly evolving and updating to better fit the users and their needs. If one has a suggestion on how to take an app to the next level, all they simply have to do is comment on the app’s page and low and behold, their voices turn into action and more often than not, the developers tweak the app and ‘voila!’ you have a better app to more effectively fit your lifestyle.

Escali SmartConnectBody scale

Escali has always aimed to become a staple in people’s healthy lifestyles through innovative body composition and kitchen scales. Our newest products, take it one step further. Escali’s SmartConnect™ line, include a kitchen and body scale that connect via Bluetooth Low Energy to the Escali SmartConnect™ app. The Escali SmartConnect™ products combine the proactive awareness of a smart kitchen scale with the ability to track results on a smart body weight scale to address all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

Escali SmartConnect App

The app, like other fitness apps tracks your progress, personalizes to your own preferences and gives you the ability to see accurate and easy-to-read progress of your journey.

The app is the first of its kind to receive wireless measurements from both a kitchen scale and a body scale. Real time information is sent from the scales to the user’s mobile device. All nutrition and portion data is collected from the USDA food database, which ensures accuracy. There are over 8,000 entries including whole food items, cooking and baking ingredients and even name-brand restaurant and fast food restaurant items.

In today’s society, everyone is constantly on the move. Having the ability to have their weight loss information, all with them at one time, has allowed people to take everything to the next level. Escali is striving to be the next tool that people trust and go to for all their fitness and weight loss goals. Being the first app to track not only track the food that you eat, but also see how that directly correlates with your weight changes, the possibilities are endless.


Click the links below to purchase your very own Escali SmartConnect™ Kitchen and Body Scale:

Download the app here!

The Escali SmartConnect mobile application uses wireless Bluetooth® (LE) Low Energy to maximize battery life in both the user’s mobile device and the SmartConnect scales.  Because of this, the Escali SmartConnect mobile application is currently compatible with the following devices: iPhone (4S, 5, 5C, 5S), iPad (3rd & 4th generation), iPad Mini and iPad Touch (5th generation.)  All compatible mobile devices must be running iOS 6 or iOS 7.

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