Introducing Escali SmartConnect™ App, Kitchen & Body Scales

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The Escali SmartConnect™ products will revolutionize the way people cook in their kitchen, track their diet and monitor their health! The Escali SmartConnect™ products combine the proactive awareness of a smart kitchen scale with the ability to track results on a smart body weight scale to address all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Download the app here!


The Escali SmartConnect™ mobile app will be the first of its kind to receive wireless measurements from both a kitchen scale AND a body scale. Real time information will be sent from the scales to the user’s mobile device.

All nutrition and portion data is collected from the USDA food database which insures accuracy. There are over 8,000 entries including whole food items, cooking and baking ingredients and even name-brand restaurant and fast food restaurant items.

Additionally, the mobile app can convert weight measurements into volume units, such as cups and tablespoons, which means more accurate measurements and less mess to clean afterwards.  Measurements are converted live as you pour. The user may select a ‘portion size’ as a unit of measure to analyze nutritional data and add food items to the food journal manually when out of the house. (e.g. One McDonald’s Big Mac = 563 cal.)




The Escali SmartConnect™ Kitchen Scale improves the lives of those who are interested in learning more about the food they eat and how it affects their body composition. Designed to wirelessly send weight measurements to the Escali SmartConnect™ app, the scale analyzes nutrients, create a food journal and measure in cups and tablespoons.


The Escali SmartConnect™ Kitchen Scale connects to users’ mobile devices with Bluetooth® Low Energy technology and it does not require a complicated wireless network setup or setup procedures.

This product is ideal for people trying to lose weight, health enthusiasts, those who must follow a strict diet (i.e. diabetics) as well as aspiring bakers and chefs.  Key benefits of the Escali SmartConnect™ Kitchen Scale include the large, easy to read display; smooth glass surface that wipes clean with ease; touch sensitive controls and a 11 lb capacity with 1 gram increments.



SmartConnect-Body-Scale_TOPThe new Escali SmartConnect™ Body Scale features a sleek, black tempered-glass design and 440 pound capacity. The scale sends wireless measurements via Bluetooth® to the Escali SmartConnect™ mobile app where enhanced features such as setting goal weights, tracking weight history and calculating BMI are displayed and graphed.

Users are now able to receive more in-depth information that was once only accessible from a doctor’s visit from the comfort of their own home.  The information registered on the scale is displayed clearly on the app.

Worrying about guessing and being unsure about their body composition data is eliminated. The scale and app simplify the life of the user and takes the stress of not knowing, away.

Key benefits of the Escali SmartConnect™ Body Scale include the large, easy to read display; its smooth glass surface that wipes clean with ease; and a large 440 lb. capacity, which makes it ideal for customers of all shapes and sizes.


It’s simple, it just works.

Click the links below to purchase your very own Escali SmartConnect™ Kitchen and Body Scale:


The Escali SmartConnect mobile application uses wireless Bluetooth® (LE) Low Energy to maximize battery life in both the user’s mobile device and the SmartConnect scales.  Because of this, the Escali SmartConnect mobile application is currently compatible with the following devices: iPhone (4S, 5, 5C, 5S), iPad (3rd & 4th generation), iPad Mini and iPad Touch (5th generation.)  All compatible mobile devices must be running iOS 6 or iOS 7.

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