6 Weight Loss Tips from the Mayo Clinic

By Escali in Healthy Living

The Mayo Clinic, (supporter and retailer of Escali scales) based out of Rochester, Minn. is a world renown healthcare facility. The Mayo Clinic, Saint Marys Hospital and Rochester Methodist Hospital form the largest medical center in the world. More than 350,000 patients from all walks of life go to to Mayo Clinic each year to see the medical and surgical specialists. The following are 6 weight loss tips provided by Mayo:

  1. Make a commitment – Weight lose takes time; there are no overnight solutions! Commit to your ultimate end goal and make smaller goals that you will reach along the way and make sure to celebrate the victories along the way.
  2. Find your inner motivation – Your weight loss success is riding on you, and only you.  Find out what keeps you motivated and then find a way to keep it in mind. Either have a quote written down that you bring everywhere, a photo and or some other object that when you see it you are reminded of your progress and end goal.
  3. Set realistic goals –  make sure your goals are attainable and maintainable.  Setting goals too high is only going to set you up for disappointment. When you make a commitment, set bench mark victories so you are motivated to keep going goal to goal.
  4. Enjoy healthier foods – Eating healthy is half the battle. When it comes to losing weight, it truly is approximately 30% exercise and 70% what you eat. Don’t make excuses and exceptions by eating a horrible diet and trying to make up for it by running an hour. Keep your progress moving forward instead of trying just to “catch up” to it.
  5. Get active, stay active – Physical exercise is the other part of the equation.  Make a plan, stick to it and make sure to have a support system in place. Half of the battle is just getting to the gym…once you’re there, make your time worthwhile and work!
  6. Change your perspective – To achieve long term weight loss, you must make lifestyle changes. Start small and then gradually make more and more changes. Instead of making exceptions for times of binging and eating unhealthy foods because you think you “deserve it,” switch your focus to your goal and tell yourself you deserve to be happy and healthy and reach you goal more than just a second of eating a food non-beneficial to your health.

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