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Measuring What’s Next™

Synthesizing contemporary design elements with superb accuracy, Escali products are shaping the future of measuring equipment in home and professional settings. Headquartered in Minnesota, we design, manufacture, and distribute a wide array of products, including kitchen scales, food thermometers, digital timers, bathroom scales and body thermometers.‏‏‎

Designed for You

Escali products are recognized globally for their exceptional quality and value. We take the time to design and spec our products to the highest standards. Durable materials and premium sensors are at the heart of everything we make. We carefully consider the user experience and their expectations when adding features and shaping products. This process ensures Escali products are truly user-friendly and helps influence our clean and modern designs.

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Trusted by Professional Chefs

Over the decades Escali has achieved a stellar reputation among professional chefs for being highly reliable and simple to operate. When chefs have a hectic kitchen and restaurant full of demanding guest, they trust Escali’s measuring equipment to perform for them day in, day out. The high quality sensors and durable materials in our products allow us to deliver accurate measurements in tough conditions.

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Your Partner in Health

Nothing is more important to you than your health. Escali has the tools you need to make informed decisions about your body and your diet. Our bathroom scales can help you monitor your weight or see changes in your body fat percentage. Our food scales can help you manage portion sizes and count calories. And most critically—during these uncertain times—our body thermometers deliver accurate measurements that the whole family can depend on.

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Quality and Satisfaction Guaranteed

Escali products are recognized by national media outlets, celebrity chefs and seasoned foodservice professionals for providing excellent value. Our products are tested by rigid military measurement standards – a process that contributes to an exceptionally low return rate. Backed by industry leading warranties and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee; Escali measuring equipment tip the scale in the customer’s favor.

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Support & Customer Service

Retail partnerships, reliable product availability and no minimum order quantities reflect Escali’s dedication to customer service. The company’s centrally located Minneapolis headquarters is staffed by a friendly, service-oriented team, which assures that our retailers receive their shipments on time and per their specifications.

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Building a Better Tomorrow

Escali partners with charities like Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) because we believe that with success comes a responsibility to help those who are less fortunate. Since 2009, Escali has donated over 3,000 scales to FMSC which have helped over 9.6 million volunteers portion control and pack over 2.4 billion meals for children in over 100 countries.

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