Put Down Your Sugary Drink!

By Escali in Healthy Living


It’s no secret that sugary drinks are highly marketed towards children through flashy commercials, billboards, magazine ads and many other tactics to get the little ones on board. The lifestyle that is portrayed through these advertisements is very attractive to impressionable kids and they believe that by picking up one of these drinks they will in turn grow up to have the same lifestyle they are idolizing. This is done in every other form of advertising for virtually every single product but drinks have been one market that have gotten a lot of attention in the past decade due to the rising cases of obesity in children.

Sugar-sweetened beverages’ main ingredients are sugar, of course, other artificial sweeteners and added calories but include little to no nutritional value. According to the non-profit organization Fat Smack, the following facts were found about sugary drinks:

· One 20 oz bottle=16 teaspoons of sugar

· Teens consume twice as much soda as milk

· · 80% of youth consume one sugary drink a day

· The American Heart Association recommends that the maximum daily intake of added sugars be no more than 4.5 teaspoons for teens aged 12-19

· An average person consumes almost 100 lbs of sugar in a year-soda being the largest source

It’s important to remember that even though soda is mostly the lead offender in added calories into one’s diet, other drinks that have way too much sugar also include fruit drinks, regular and most diet sodas, sports drinks, sweetened teas, coffee drinks, energy drinks, sweetened milk, milk alternatives and many more. It’s a rule of thumb that if anything has the word sweet included in the title or is an alternative type of drink, one can assume there is way too much sugar involved.

One drink that gets overlooked is 100% fruit juice. Even though the juice claims that it is all natural, it’s still juice which means there will be sugar. Fruit juice is made up of natural sugars, nutrients and vitamins but do not have the fiber that is found in fruit that helps you feel full as well as control blood sugar.

Many of us that are on the track to a healthier lifestyle are watching our daily caloric intake but that doesn’t always mean from just directly the food we eat, drinks are horrible offenders as well. The best way to avoid going over your daily caloric and sugar intake is by reading the labels. According to Fat Smack, when reading the labels of your drinks look specifically for words such as:

· High-fructose corn syrup

· Fruit-juice concentrate

· Corn sweetener

· Honey

· Brown Sugar

· Sucrose

· Cane Sugar

· Raw Sugar

· Molasses

· Maple Sugar

Drinking sugary drinks can be detrimental to your health and waistline. Drinking just one 12 ounce can per day can mean gaining 15 extra pounds per year and drinking one 20 ounce can mean an extra 25 pounds per year. A super sized fountain drink can have more than 22 teaspoons of sugar and more than 364 calories…Holy cow that is insane and could be the secret as to why you’re not losing weight.

Along with extra weight, your teeth could pay a serious price when consuming sugary drinks. Children who drink carbonated sugary drinks have almost double the risk of dental issues likes cavities and tooth decay. Take control of your health as well as your child’s and limit how much you both consume.

There are so many alternatives to reaching towards that huge bottle of Gatorade, Diet Coke or Sweetened tea such as low-fat and nonfat milk, some select 100% fruit juices (read labels!), diet iced teas, low calorie sports drinks (read labels!), water additives such as Mio, Crystal Light (moderation) and of course the only drink that is free from sugar and will leave you 100% satisfied…WATER!

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