Helping America Get Back to Business

As the world grappled with the unthinkable affects of a global pandemic through the bulk of 2020, Escali was focused on the well-being of our staff, our customers and the survival of our business.

However, amidst the chaos and disruption an opportunity presented itself. As businesses across the United States looked to find ways to adapt and continue operations, there was a massive need for human body thermometers. Specifically, non-contact infrared body thermometers.

While Escali did not offer those products at the time, our customers were demanding them. They needed them to get back to business. They needed them to survive.

So, at a record pace we planned the launch of an entirely new product line. There were many sleepless nights working through the challenges of limited supplies, high costs and strict compliance to FDA regulations.

It was a tremendous effort and an even bigger honor to play even a small role in the push to get America back in business.

No doubt 2020 will leave a mark on all of us, and that is no different here at Escali. It marks a year of struggle, a year of change, but also a year of healing. And we are proud to have played our part in that healing process.



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