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New Year resolutionsIt’s time to start prepping for your best. year. yet…2014! As many already know, with a new year, comes many new promises to make  changes for the year ahead in forms of New Year’s resolutions. Some of the most popular resolutions include losing weight and eating better, but many of us (though we start out strong) fizzle out come February…

Well, this year will be different! You don’t have to fully wait until January to start making those positive changes. Now is the time to push towards your goals. The best way to start preparing yourself, is by arming yourself with the best resolution tools. When you have the best tools by your side & an ever-present motivation, you will see the results you desire. Below, we’ve created a gift guide that highlights shoppers (such as yourselves!) & their Escali scale solutions. Chances are, you will be able to relate to these shoppers and will find the best Escali scale for you…today!



Lacey works a demanding office job and is feeling stuck in her current weight but doesn’t feel she has the time or patience to go to the gym or even pack a lunch every night. For a new diet she wants to start, she wants to start meal planning and preparations on Sundays. Lacey is looking for a scale that’s easy and efficient to use, durable and also easy to store.

Royal Blue P115NBEscali Scale Solution

Primo–Twice recommended by a leading consumer magazine as a ‘best buy’, the Primo would best fit Lacey’s needs and wants of finding a durable and easy scale. The two buttons, that are also sealed for protection against spills, as well as the durable weighing surface,  make this scale incredibly easy-to-operate and clean.



Color options: Chrome, Metallic, Royal Blue (shown above), Pumpkin Orange, White, Tarragon Green, Black, Warm Red

primo best selling__________________________________________________________


Annette recently was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Her doctor strongly suggested taking steps towards losing weight to better take control of her diagnosis. After talking with a nutritionist and health coach, Annette wants to invest in a body composition scale so that she can monitor her body’s changes. She is looking specifically for a scale that monitors  body fat and body water levels.

Escali Scale Solution

body fatBFBW200 (Body Fat/Body Water Scale)–For users who want to have easy-to-read and accurate weight measurements, as well as body fat and body water percentages, the BFBW200 is the most affordable and accurate scale. The scale has an easy-to-clean glass tempered platform and the ability to set-up up to 10-user profiles.




Active in the kitchen, Dave loves cooking up new recipes that he finds online for his family. Whether it is a new pasta or fruit salad, chip dip, etc. The only problem with Dave’s love of cooking is his clean-up. He’s constantly getting yelled at by his wife for leaving out multiple mixing bowls, trays and mixing utensils. To save space & eliminate cleanup, Dave wants an appliance that’s considered ‘all-in-one.’

Escali Scale Solution

Escali Taso Mixing Bowl ScaleTaso Mixing Bowl ScaleThe Taso is designed specifically to combine baking jobs such as measuring, mixing and pouring. The scale comes in multiple color options and the bowl, which is detachable, is top-shelf dishwasher safe, which helps with clean-up.

Color options: Apple Red (shown above) & Kiwi Green




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