Why You Should Use a Digital Scale to Brew Your Coffee–Everytime

Coffee Grounds

One piping hot cup of coffee…. Thousands, no, millions of people start off their day with a cup of the good stuff. Coffee has not only become that morning pick-me-up, but it’s become a tradition, a comfort and to some, a true love. With  that daily cup, the expectation is that it should not only …

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13 Random Facts About Coffee!

  Whether dark or light, served roasted and piping hot or chilled to perfection, coffee  is a necessity for people all over the world to help kick start their mornings. Contrary to popular belief, coffee doesn’t just automatically come in those white cups with your favorite establishment’s logo on the side of it…the beans have …

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The Health Benefits of Coffee & Tea

Coffee and tea are must-haves for people all over the world. Whether one needs it just to get through the day, brings you together with friends and family or else you drink it for religious or relaxation purposes, the necessity of the two drinks are evident in our society. The added compound that tea and …

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