The Health Benefits of Coffee & Tea

By Escali in Healthy Living, Homemade

Coffee and tea are must-haves for people all over the world. Whether one needs it just to get through the day, brings you together with friends and family or else you drink it for religious or relaxation purposes, the necessity of the two drinks are evident in our society.

The added compound that tea and coffee offer is caffeine. “Health Benefits of Tea and Coffee” states that caffeine is a natural chemical that activates the central nervous system that causes one to be alert, revs up nerves and thought processes. It’s no wonder that people need a cup of coffee bright and early while they’re still half asleep. Along with the bonus of boosting your mood and ability to wake you up in the morning, regular caffeine consumption has been shown to increase short-term memory, focus, alertness as well as long-term memory.

According to “The Health Benefits of Coffee vs. Tea,” and “Coffee vs. Tea: The Health Benefits Compared,” In the perfect cup of coffee, one can also benefit from:

  • · Memory loss prevention
  • · Decrease risk of certain cancers
  • · Alleviation from constipation and other IBS symptoms
  • · Aid to prevent dehydration
  • · Prevention from Type 2 Diabetes
  • · Decrease chance of gout in men over 40
  • · Protection from liver cancer and cirrhosis
  • · Decreased likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

In the perfect cup of tea, one can also benefit from:

  • · Anti-Inflammatory antioxidants
  • · Prevention and management of arthritis
  • · Prevention of memory problems and cataracts
  • · Prevention from Type 1 Diabetes
  • · Decreased chance of heart attack
  • · Protection of the teeth from the fluoride found in the drink
  • · Lower levels of the stress hormone –Cortisol

With all of the added benefits one can receive from drinking coffee and tea, it is also important to be mindful of what you’re adding to those drinks. Adding too much cream, sugar and other added flavor boosters can add on tons of extra calories so next time, just add a light amount or nothing at all. Although tea and coffee are “magical” in many people’s eyes, they should not be considered as magical medical cures, they simply have beneficial characteristics.

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