Twin Cities named “Fittest City” in America

By Escali in Healthy Living

The annual American College of Sports Medicine released it’s Fit Cities list and for the third year in a row… the Twin Cities was named “Fittest City” in America!

As Escali is a Minnesota based company, we are proud of these results! There must be a lot of Twin Cities Escali scale owners!

Fittest Cities in America

1.    Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.
2.    Washington, D.C.
3.    Portland, Ore.
4.    San Francisco, Calif.
5.    Denver, Colo.
6.    Boston, Mass.
7.    Sacramento, Calif.
8.    Seattle, Wash.
9.    Hartford, Conn.
10.    San Jose, Calif.
11.    Austin, Texas
12.    Salt Lake City, Utah
13.    Cincinnati, Ohio
14.    San Diego, Calif.
15.    Raleigh, N.C.
16.    Pittsburgh, Pa.
17.    Baltimore, Md.
18.    Virginia Beach, Va.
19.    Cleveland, Ohio
20.    Richmond, Va.
21.    Atlanta, Ga.
22.    Providence, R.I.
23.    Buffalo, N.Y.
24.    New York, N.Y.
25.    Philadelphia, Pa.
26.    Milwaukee, Wis.
27.    Chicago, Ill.
28.    Kansas City, Mo.
29.    Los Angeles, Calif.
30.    Columbus, Ohio
31.    St. Louis, Mo.
32.    Nashville, Tenn.
33.    Phoenix, Ariz.
34.    Orlando, Fla.
35.    Riverside, Calif.
36.    Charlotte, N.C.
37.    Jacksonville, Fla.
38.    New Orleans, La.
39.    Las Vegas, Nev.
40.    Tampa, Fla.
41.    Birmingham, Ala.
42.    Miami, Fla.
43.    Houston, Texas
44.    Dallas, Texas
45.    Indianapolis, Ind.
46.    Memphis, Tenn.
47.    Louisville, Ky.
48.    San Antonio, Texas
49.    Detroit, Mich.
50.    Oklahoma City, Okla.

To see the official list published in Star Tribune, click the link American College of Sport’s Medicine Fittest Cities

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