Types of Weighing Scales (and What They’re Used For) 

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While nearly all of us have measured an object’s weight at some point, not everyone is likely to be familiar with all the types of weighing scales and what they’re used for. While we depend on these machines when measuring baking ingredients, buying fruit, and reaching our fitness goals their utility reaches beyond the kitchen and bathroom.

In this guide, discover the different types of digital scales for measuring weight and their range of uses.

Types of Weighing Scales: What Are They Used For?

Weighing scales are essential to our everyday lives. We encounter them at home, in stores, at physicians’ offices, and in airports. All types of digital weighing scales play an important role in industries we encounter every day. First, let’s talk about their main uses before we break down the different types and what separates them from each other.

bowl types of weighing scales
A scale with a built-in bowl makes it easier to weigh ingredients mess-free.

Cooking and Baking 

In the kitchen, cooking and baking are widely popular uses. Proper measurements can be used to make the perfect batch of cookies, a fantastic family meal, or just to better reach your health and fitness goals. Using digital or analog appliances will produce the most accurate results when weighing out your next cooking adventure.

kitchen weighing scales
Kitchen scales often come in different colors to match your style.

Health and Fitness Tracking 

When venturing into your health and fitness goals, it is imperative to measure your ongoing progress. Using weighing apparatuses to measure food portions in the kitchen correctly is essential to whatever specific diet you may choose. While in the bathroom, using special, smart types of weighing machines to measure BMI can show real-time results based on your personal goals.

This body composition scale measures weight in pounds, kilograms, stones, plus body fat, body water, muscle mass, and bone density.

Shipping and Traveling

You may find yourself needing to send out a care package or visit a relative. In these instances, you may also find yourself needing to weigh out your luggage or packages. For traveling, a handheld luggage scale will work perfectly if you are packing and need to lighten the load maybe.

A large, professional-grade shipping and receiving scale.

The best way to do this for at-home shipping is with a shipping scale. These appliances can weigh packages down to an ounce. If you don’t have one of these, a simple kitchen or bathroom version will do the trick.

A luggage scale works by measuring the tension from weight when picked up.

When traveling, a luggage scale, like the one shown below, can help you gauge just how heavy your checked luggage is before you get to the airport. A quick reference of your carrier’s luggage policy will let you know whether or not you need to repack, so you can avoid the hassle and embarrassment of repacking in the concourse.

Different Types of Scales for Measuring Weight

When it comes to scales, there seems to be an endless number to choose from. Escali offers a wide range of appliances that will perfectly fit your needs, whether you’re weighing yourself, your luggage, your kitchen ingredients, or more.

There are plenty of reasons you might need an accurate weight measurement. The following are a variety of scales for people to use in daily life:

  • Kitchen: These are useful for weighing ingredients. Often, recipes call for extremely precise ingredient weights. High-quality kitchen devices can take the guesswork out of baking.
  • Bathroom: These can be used to measure BMI and to help you keep track of your fitness goals.
  • Pet: People aren’t the only ones who need to keep track of their weight. Pet measuring devices help us monitor our furry friends at home or at the vet.
  • Shipping: In order to calculate costs for shipping different sizes of packages, postal workers will weigh parcels on a special platform scale designed for the job.
  • Luggage: Luggage fees are no joke. Luggage weight calculators can help avoid the nightmare of over packing and paying for luggage overages at the airport.
  • Physician: Doctors want to keep track of their patient’s overall wellness, and weight is a part of that. You’ll find these versions in every doctor’s office you go to.
This glass food scale is touch-sensitive for easy cleaning.

Kitchen Scales

Kitchen scales are one of the most popular appliances at home. If you have measuring tools in your home, you probably have a food measuring scale to measure out fruits or vegetables, baking ingredients, or portion sizes for your health goals.

  • Balance: This type of analog appliance is the earliest type of scale to be used. They measure the weight of something by comparing it to the weight of something else. Unfortunately, these are not always accurate.
  • Mechanical: Also known as analog spring scales, these gauge weight with the help of springs. When something is placed on top, the spring inside compresses in an estimation of the object’s weight.
  • Digital: The most modern iteration is the digital scale. These are found in almost every household kitchen. They are the top pick of bakers due to their accuracy and ability to measure ingredients down to the decimal.

Food scales are a smart alternative to measuring cups since those are not always accurate for certain types of recipes, can be bulkier to store, and add to the mess of cooking. To help, a specialized baking scale can bring more accuracy and consistency to baking measurements.

A specialized baking scale can measure ingredients by the cup. Explore more scales for the kitchen.

Since measuring cups may yield different results depending on how densely they are packed, a baking scale can be a powerful cooking tool for bakers at any level.

This body scale is made from environmentally friendly and sustainable bamboo.

Bathroom Scales

Bathroom scales can be used to track health and weight loss goals. While the number on the scale isn’t the only indicator of health and wellness, many people look to this type of weight measuring system as a guidepost.

Bathroom scales are also super popular in households everywhere, as well as in doctor’s offices. Different types include:

  • Intelligent: The most popular of all, this is the perfect digital model to use for weighing yourself. These are also called analyzer scales. They send an electrical wave through your body to measure human body weight and BMI. Smart scales are the most accurate and can connect through Bluetooth to your phone.
  • Mechanical: Mechanical scales use springs to measure human weight. They are analog systems with digital displays that indicate weight on a dial. They also are usually stainless steel with a spring platform to stand on.
  • Digital: Similar to the digital kitchen scales, these are among the most accurate machines for measuring body weight.

Other Types of Weight Measuring Scales

When many of us think of weight measuring tools, we probably picture an intelligent bathroom version or an analog kitchen tool. If we look around our house and start opening cabinets, there’s likely a scale we use (or don’t use) to measure our weight – and a scale in the kitchen to divide out ingredients for cooking and baking.

a pour over coffee scale
This specialized scale for making coffee has a built-in timer and easy switching between grams, milliliters, and ounces.

These are the most common ones we may see in our daily lives. However, there is a vast world of different scales measuring tools that get used by all kinds of people every day.

Pet Scales

Usually seen in veterinary offices, pet scales are used to weigh our pets. Like the bathroom scales we use at home to weigh ourselves, pet versions give us and our veterinarians information about our pet’s growth.

You may need to weigh your furry friend in the comfort of your home, too. Big, small, and teeny-tiny, these tools can measure the weight of different types of animals.

  • Household Pets: For some animals, a trip to the vet is an absolute nightmare. In these cases, being weighed at home is better than that scary trip to the vet. You can place pets on specialty scales with springs, but if your pet is small enough, a standard bathroom scale will work just fine.
  • Veterinary Scales: These can be used to weigh your typical household cat or dog, all the way up to a large horse. Electronic weighing machines used for these large animals are called Llama or Alpaca Scales.
Luggage scales are convenient, simple to use, and easy to store until you need them.

Luggage Scales 

Weighing your luggage is essential for traveling, especially on an aircraft. Airlines have weight limits for checked baggage. If you’re familiar with flying, you know that your checked baggage gets weighed at the terminal. Should your baggage exceed the weight limit, you’re in for a hefty fee. Luggage scales can help you avoid that awful situation.

  • Luggage Scale: It is easier than ever to know how much your cargo weighs with a handy at-home tool for luggage. All you have to do is secure your bags to it and lift your bag enough off the ground that it’s in the air.
  • Using a Body Weighing Scale: This may seem silly, but using a digital scale to weigh your luggage before you head to the airport may save you time, and a headache, if you end up overpacking.

Physician Scales

Every trip to the physician begins with a check of the vital signs. Weight is usually included with this. Stepping onto human weight scales is a common theme, whether at regular checkups or unplanned doctor visits. This way, doctors can keep track of their patients’ health patterns.

There are two main ways these appliances are used:

  • Theatre and Swab Scales: These tools are used to measure a variety of medical tools and equipment for surgery. They also are used to help weigh organs!
  • Bed Weighing Scales: Specially used to weigh patients who cannot stand on their own, these are designed to fit under the four wheels of a patient’s bed to measure their weight accurately.


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