Updated Primo NSF Allows 9V Adapter

By Escali in Back of House
Escali 9VAD Power Adapter

The NSF certified Primo can now use an optional 9-volt power adapter. The new Primo NSF will be available in black, Metallic and Warm Red. The user-friendly two button operation and optional power adapter allow for fast and efficient work.

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115CH scale
Model # P115PL-CH         UPC:
p115mp1 scale
Model # P115PL-M             UPC:
115WR scale
Model # P115PL-WR         UPC:


Escali Primo NSF
Twice rated by a leading consumer magazine as a “Best Buy.”
Capacity (graduation):  11 lb. / 5000 g. (0.1 oz. / 1 g.)
Units:  pounds : ounces, grams
Tare Feature.
Batteries Included.
Optional 9-volt power adapter is available. (Model # 9VAD)



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