Weighing Scale Battery Sizes: Which Type Do You Need?

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weighing scale battery sizes

In order to determine what size battery for a digital scale is the right fit, you’ll need to know the two most common scale battery types. The battery for a weight scale will either be a coin-type cell or a small cylindrical battery, making it easy to identify.

comparison of coin cell and AAA batteries
CR2032 vs AAA battery

What Size Battery for a Digital Scale?

With nearly 20 different battery sizes to choose from, it can be challenging to determine what battery is used in weighing machines. Replacement batteries can be expensive and aren’t always returnable if they don’t seem to fit. The best way to tell which you need is to remove the old battery and check its size code.

The 2 Most Common Scale Battery Types:

  • Round, Coin-Type Lithium Cells (CR2032)
  • Small, Cylindrical Alkaline Batteries (AAA)
cr2032 battery
CR2032 Battery


The lithium coin cell batteries are most commonly used in watches, making them easy to find at most big box stores. They are long-lasting and dependable, holding power for ten years when stored. This means buying a six-pack of these will surely last you into the next decade.

aaa battery
AAA Battery


The most common bathroom scale battery size is the AAA. They are also cheaper and easier to find as they power everything from the remote control to cameras, clocks, flashlights, and more. In this case, if you need a digital scale battery fast, you can easily take one from another device in your home.

Food Scale Battery Sizes

A kitchen scale battery can last up to a year, depending on how often it gets used. Its longevity could mean little, however, if it dies in the middle of your favorite cheesecake recipe. Food scale battery types are typically coin cells, which most don’t have lying around their house. The most common kitchen weighing scale batteries are as follows:

Bathroom Scale Battery Sizes

Bathroom scale battery life can also last up to a year but may start to give inaccurate readings as it nears the end of its life. It can be difficult to tell when to replace them, so if precise measurements are important, you should try replacing them before they completely die. The most common batteries for scales in the bathroom include:

back of scale open battery compartment
Battery Compartment of a Digital Scale

How to Change Your Digital Scale’s Battery

Once you’ve found the correct battery for a digital weighing scale, you can switch the old one out. Flip the scale over to locate the battery compartment and open it to get the old weight scale batteries out. You should check for corrosion and clean the compartment before installing the new batteries.

For a lithium scale battery replacement, you’ll want to pay attention to the positive and negative icons on the top and bottom of the battery to ensure it’s oriented correctly. Follow these steps to ensure the battery in your weight scale works as efficiently as possible:

  • Step 1: Locate battery compartment on backside of scale
  • Step 2: Remove old battery and check for corrosion
  • Step 3: Clean the compartment of any debris
  • Step 4: Insert new battery in the correct orientation

How Long Should a Weighing Scale Battery Last?

Depending on the size and functionality of your scale, and the number of batteries it takes, you can expect it to keep up with daily weigh-ins for a year or more. Lithium batteries for bathroom scales typically last longer than AAA batteries and can last for several years with regular use. Electronic scale battery sizes are not as important as the number of batteries for your scale’s longevity.

Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Digital’s Scale’s Battery

Without obvious error messages, it can be difficult to determine when to replace your scale’s batteries. Most scales will continue to operate with low or dying batteries that slowly become less accurate over time.

If you sense that your scale is slightly off, you may want to try it again after recalibrating with fresh batteries. If you get the same reading, you can continue using the old batteries and save the new ones for later. Simply lookout for the tell-tale signs that your scale batteries need to be replaced:

  • Inaccurate readings
  • Error messages
  • Scale won’t turn on

Lithium Batteries vs Alkaline

The two most common batteries are each made of different materials with different uses. Lithium tends to last longer, making it ideal for electronics with difficult-to-change battery components. They also tend to be the lighter and smaller-scale battery size.

What makes Alkaline batteries a strong competitor is their lower price point. It makes them ideal for inexpensive devices like toys that may not survive as long as the lithium battery inside. They are also travel-friendly, whereas some airlines can restrict lithium batteries. The key differences here include:

  • Lithium batteries last longer
  • Alkaline batteries are less expensive
  • Lithium batteries may be restricted in carry-on travel items

Where Can I Buy a Replacement Digital Scale Battery?

Now that we’ve answered the question, “What battery does my scale use?” it’s time to find out where to get that battery. Most department stores carry a wide selection of digital weighing scale battery sizes. Knowing whether you need a flat coin-cell or a round battery for a scale will help the assistants point you in the right direction. Make sure you note the name of your electronic scale battery so you leave the store with the correct item in hand.

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Need a New Scale? Escali Guarantees Your Satisfaction

If you’ve gone through the steps to replace your battery and the scale still won’t turn on, then it may be time to order a replacement. Escali carries every type of scale available to make for the ideal one-stop-shop. Our team of experts is also happy to answer any questions you may have about which type of scale you may need.

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