Why You Should Use a Digital Scale to Brew Your Coffee–Everytime

By Escali in Homemade
Coffee Grounds

One piping hot cup of coffee….

Thousands, no, millions of people start off their day with a cup of the good stuff. Coffee has not only become that morning pick-me-up, but it’s become a tradition, a comfort and to some, a true love.

With  that daily cup, the expectation is that it should not only taste the same, but look the same & provide the same desired kick start–each and every time. Estimating and eyeballing a desired amount of coffee grounds can ‘usually’ get people to a similar end result as before, however, nothing beats the sure thing, which is why using a digital scale is the answer to it all.

Not only is it important for accurate & consistent results when it comes to the coffee grounds, but the water itself is one of the biggest factors as well. Measuring water before you boil it is great, it’s a step in the right direction. However, did you account for the steam and evaporation that occurs as well after boiling?…Probably not.The simple change of adding a digital scale into your brewing process can make the world of difference for die-hard coffee drinkers. Taste is the largest factor for this daily drink, so why would you leave that familiar & soothing taste you look forward to every morning up to chance? By taking simple steps into measuring out the grounds, water & the cup itself (get to know the ‘tare’ feature) your cup of coffee will taste just as good as the last time–or even better! With an affordable and reliable kitchen scale, inconsistency, unreliability & uncertainty are put to rest….guess they should have had their coffee this morning!

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