Detecto iConnect FAQ’s

How close does my phone need to be to my scale? Your smart phone needs to be within 32 feet of the scale.

How long will my data be stored? Since it is cloud storage, there is no limit to how long the data will be stored.

What happens if I need to replace the batteries in my Smart Scale? If you replace the batteries in the scale, you need to pair the scale with your smart device again.

How does the Calorie Feature work? In the APP, you can toggle between Lose / Maintain / Gain to see what calorie range you should be consuming based on your goals.

Do I need to pair the scale and my Smart device every time I get on the scale? You only need to pair the scale the first time you set it up. Once the scale and phone are paired, you just need to step on the scale for the data to transfer to the APP.

Do I need to make sure my APP is open before using the scale? Yes, make sure the Detecto® APP is open when stepping on the scale.

Can I set a goal weight on the APP? When you first set up the scale, you can set a goal weight and the app will track how close you are to that goal every time you weigh yourself.

Where is the BMI Graph? The BMI info doesn’t graph – it is displayed under the weight page.

What happens if I am traveling and don’t take my scale with me? If you are traveling and want to weigh in but don’t have your scale with you, there is a manual option. From the home screen of the APP click on the weight data; click on the arrow; click on detail; click on the weight arrow; click add new data; enter the weight readout and click save.

Does this APP sync with other APPS? If you are using Apple Health, the data from the Detecto® APP can be exported to the Apple Health app so you can just use one app to track your vital stats. To do this simply: go into the setting page of the Detecto® APP and click on “CONNECTION.” Turn on the Apply Health Connection. You will then be taken to your Apple Health APP and will be asked to allow the Detecto® iConnectTM APP to share data – choose the data points you would like to be shared and then click done.

Does the Detecto® iConnectTM APP sync with MYFITNESSPAL? We are not up and running with MYFITNESSPAL yet. Once we are set up, we will push out an update on the Detecto® APP and advise.

What if I choose to get a different iConnectTM Scale; will my data be lost? If you choose to get another iConnectTM scale, your data is saved in the APP so there will be no issue with you switching to another iConnectTM scale model.

Easy steps to pairing the Scale and Phone:

1.   Download the APP from Google Play or the APP store
2.   Set up your profile in the APP
3.   Go into the settings page
4.   Press the unit button on the back of the scale
5.   Press the pair button on the APP
6.   The scale you bought will show up and click on it and press next
7.   Pick out the user number you would like to be
8.   You are all set to start using the scale
9.   When using the scale for the first time after pairing you need to choose your user number on the scale, wait for the scale to show 0.0 and then step on to be weighed.

Does the scale connect with a FitBit? – No

Does this scale connect with a Jawbone? – No

I don’t have a smart device; will the scale still work? Yes, it will function just like a normal body fat scale. You will be able to get all of the same readings – BMI, body fat, muscle mass, body water, calorie predictor, bone mass and weight.

My data shows up on the scale but it isn’t being transferred to my phone – why? Make sure your Bluetooth is on.

What Android devices does the scale work with? Android OS 4.3-10.x

Can I email my info to my doctor? Yes, you can do this two ways.

  • There is an export feature built into the APP that takes all of your data and puts it into an easy-to-read excel sheet that can be emailed.
  • You can choose to send a single day’s measurements by choosing the email function on the APP.

Can I share my results via social media? Yes, you can share your data via Facebook and Twitter.

Which IOS (Apple) devices does the scale work with?

  • iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S/6/6+/6s/6s+/SE/7/7+/8/8+/X/XR/XS/XS Max
  • iPad (generations 3-6)
  • iPad Air (generations 1-3)
  • iPad Mini (generations 1-5)
  • iPod Touch (generations 1-5)
Support iOS 7.x – 13.x