H-Series Hanging Dial Scales (High Capacity)

H-Series Hanging Dial Scales (High Capacity)
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Durable Construction
Designed for accurate measuring in an environment where a digital scale is not essential. These durable spring scales feature a metal frame, clear dial display and come with 2 steel s-hooks for heavy duty weighing. Available in a variety of capacities.

S-Hooks Included
A pair of s-hooks are included with the scale to help hang the scale and items below it.

Tare Feature
Reset the scale to zero weight to measure multiple items or subtract the weight of a container.

Metric and Imperial Units
Measure weight in pounds or kilograms.

No Batteries Required
The scale can function endlessly without power in a wide range of conditions.

H11050: 110 lb (50 kg)
H220100: 220 lb (100 kg)

H11050: 8 oz (0.2 kg)
H220100: 1 lb (0.5 kg)

lb:oz, kg:g

Dial Dimensions
9 x 9 in

Product Dimensions
7 x 2.25 x 10.25 in