About Us

Escali Makes It Easy

Escali is proud to be known for designing and manufacturing professional-grade measuring devices for home and commercial use. Our kitchen scales take the guesswork out of measuring ingredients. Our food thermometers help assure your meals are safely cooked. Our body scales assist with tracking your health goals so you can focus on living better. And our body thermometers provide accurate readings the whole family can rely on.

Over the decades Escali has achieved a stellar reputation among professional chefs for being highly reliable and simple to operate. The durable materials in our products allow us to deliver accurate measurements in tough conditions.

We're staffed by a friendly, service-oriented team, which assures that our customers receive their shipments per their specifications and on time.

In addition, we aspire to take an active role addressing issues facing the world, leading us to install solar panels to power our facilities in Minnesota. And since 2009, we have been able to donate thousands of scales to Feed My Starving Children, helping them to portion over 2.4 billion meals in over 100 countries.