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Accuracy is key in the kitchen. That’s where Escali’s food scales come in. Trusted by professional chefs, Escali’s digital food scales feature premium sensors and durable materials to give you the accuracy you need for any recipe. With features like backlit displays, automatic turnoff, and wireless connectivity, and measuring modes for grams, ounces, pounds, milliters, and fluid ounces, there’s a kitchen scale for any chef. Choose from stainless steel, glass, and bamboo materials and ultra-thin and sturdy designs. Find the right Escali food scale for your kitchen today.

  1. Primo Digital Scale

    Primo Digital Scale-White
  2. Arti Glass Kitchen Scale

    Arti 157SB Digital Scale - Sky Blue 1
  3. SmartConnect Kitchen Scale

    SmartConnect Kitchen Scale Top
    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  4. Arti XL Glass Kitchen Scale

    Arti XL Glass Digital Scale
  5. Versi Digital Coffee Scale with Timer

    Versi Digital Coffee Scale with Timer
  6. Ciro Digital Scale

    Ciro Digital Scale-White

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